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Lots of leaders struggle to communicate effectively with their teams. At Leadership communication, we've adapted a proven military communication model that shows leaders how to communicate clearly with their team members so their people will engage more and perform better.

I served as a Team Leader in an Infantry Platoon with the US Army's 10th Mountain Division while fighting the ground war in Afghanistan in 2006. While deployed, I was severely wounded in action by a suicide bomber who exploded 3-ft away from me in Kandahar. After 14 months of rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery, I had to rebuild my entire life & career from the ground up. I began speaking nationally & internationally and have written 3 books on the topics of leadership and human resilience.

I'm a leadership & team communication speaker and I've had the privilege of advising the world's leading brands for the past 14 years on how leaders can effectively communicate with their teams so their organizations will grow.

I speak for live and virtual corporate & association events at: