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Learn the basics of participating in the updated TSAE Community.



We have used your member information from TSAE to complete the basic parts, but now it is time to complete your profile with education, job history, and more. This helps other members find you and get conversations started. 

Be sure to upload your smiling photo! This really adds to the community experience and helps others get to know you through your virtual persona.

You are also highly encouraged to adjust your privacy settings and give others more visibility into areas of your profile, like the photo you upload. This will make it easier to connect with others and build your network. 

Update Your Profile



Ready to take a look around? Go to Communities > All Communities to see all of the communities available for you to join. Be on the lookout for new communities as they become available.

Subscribe to any of the communities that interest you by clicking on the Join button. You will be prompted to specify how you want your messages from the community’s discussion group to be delivered to you (as-it-happens, daily, or no emails). You can consolidate and adjust your community notifications from your profile.

TIP: If you don’t see a “Join” button on a community, you either already belong or the community is private.
View Communities


One of the best ways to get connected is by participating in conversations! Post your own topic or help answer other questions. All communities feature integrated online discussion forums that allow you to engage with fellow TSAE members. 

Want to browse all discussions? 
1. Go to Communites > Browse Discussions to see the discussions in all communities (not just the ones you are in).
2. Navigate into a community, then click Discussion to see the latest conversations.

Add your voice to the discussions that interest you! Click Reply in a thread to share your contributions and insight with other association professionals and stakeholders. 

Want to start a new discussion? 
1. Click the Create button in the top right corner to start a new thread, and then choose the communities in which you want to post your message.
2. Navigate into a community, then click Discussion > Post New Message. 

Share articles, ask questions, and propose scenarios in the forums - this community gives digital trust professionals a trusted outlet to learn and grow together. 

TIP: In any discussion, you can also add attachments, tag other members, or format the text. 

Browse Discussions


TSAE members can use the Directory to search for other members by name, company, or email address. 

Once you have found someone, you can view their profile, send a message, or add them as a contact directly from the search results page.

Important! You control what information is displayed to others on your TSAE profile. To help others connect with you, review and update your privacy settings.

Finally, please network responsibly. Only reach out to people you know, have had conversations with, or are expecting to hear from you. Users who send mass or spam messages through TSAE will not be tolerated.

Access Member Directory 


Stay up to date with all of TSAE's upcoming events and registration deadlines by viewing the Event Page. Never miss a chance to connect in person or attend the latest educational offering from TSAE. Here you will find event dates, locations, times and links to learn more and register.

View Upcoming Events


When you are in need of professional resources, support, conversation, and connection - turn to TSAE Community.

Find documents, templates, article links, and more in the Resource Libraries. These are peer populated libraries, and someone may have already shared exactly what you are looking for! 

Return the favor by uploading library resources of your own, either directly to a community library or by including them in an attachment to a discussion post. They all end up in the same place. To protect IP and copyright, share a link whenever possible. Always be sure to cite your sources.

Browse TSAE's Events Calendar to discover educational and networking events and opportunities. 

CAE Study Groups
TSAE's CAE Study Groups are virtual study groups for those preparing for a CAE certification. Look for upcoming TSAE Community for CAE certification related topics.

If you come across something you do not understand while studying, create a new post to ask the community for help. Community members on TSAE are open and eager to help!